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If you don’t get the right result, is it still a success?

 I am currently working on my latest book which is going to be on the subject of food smokers, how to build them, closely followed by what you can make in one. Now over the years I have built several … Continue reading

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I need a Sombrero!

  Every now and again I give up knocking seven bells out of bits of wood and return to my roots, back to the world of theatrical lighting, a world that paid my bills for over 3 decades, and so today … Continue reading

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Let there be light

    January is always a cold month, just the time to come out of my nice warm workshop to assist my good friends at with the Canary Wharf Winter lights Festival. 30 world famous artists install artworks on … Continue reading

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In a past life I used to be a Theatrical Lighting Engineer, although I became known for using theatrical techniques and equipment but not necessarily in a Theatre. Over the years I have lit countless artworks and buildings, I still … Continue reading

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Too much to chew?

# Before I start on a project I spend many a sleepless night ( I am getting old it comes with the territory) thinking it through, working out how it all fits together, what building blocks I need to achieve … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

As they say in all the best fairy tales. Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all, to which the answer is obvious. Now I bring this to your attention not because I want you to … Continue reading

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A New Superfood

Recently I was demonstrating #enfieldfoodfestival and as part of my demonstration I was demonstrating how to make your own bacon. I maintain if you did a cost benefit analysis, balancing the amount of effort required ( very little) against the end … Continue reading

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