The Old Blokes Kitchen Rides again


Last year I was invited to appear at the Enfield Food festival,  I cant have been too bad because they have invited me back. I am on Monday but frankly having seen the line up its worth going for both days, and don’t bother taking a picnic, everything you need is there.

Last year was the first outing for my then new Smoker / Dehydrator, which lead to Smoked Tomato Powder, at the time revolutionary but now we have moved on experimenting and fine tuning the process, and now have a selection of “very interesting flavours”. We have had our successes and although I don’t like too admit it failures – Smoked Salmon powder tasted great but took weeks to get rid of the smell so don’t try that one. None of the flavour’s are available to buy so this is the only way you get to try them, and then you’ll want to make your own.

For this year demonstration I set out to make Smokey Bacon Crisps, therefore you obviously need Smokey Bacon Powder, which I have achieved although sadly  it doesn’t work very well on crisps – however it is magnificent sprinkled on hot chips. I am keen to let folk try it and get some feedback, but don’t have the capacity to cook chips for a large crowd, so we looked for alternatives and came up with pop corn.

So if you want to try Smokey Bacon Pop Corn which will be the climax of the demonstration  along with several other interesting flavours we have been playing with over the last couple of days – dehydrated watermelon is a revelation but does divide opinion. Then make your way to Forty Hall Farm in Enfield on Monday

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