Mirror Mirror on the Wall


As they say in all the best fairy tales. Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all, to which the answer is obvious.

Now I bring this to your attention not because I want you to admire my flowing golden locks but rather this weeks rather strange commission. Now it so happens I have a steady trade in the manufacture of custom illuminated Makeup Mirrors. Most of these go to Theatrical Equipment hire company http://www.trafalgarlighting.co.uk who hire them out to for Adverts  TV shows, films, and fashion shows.

Now their most recent commission is for a Mirror but without the mirror mounted in it. Apparently they get asked by customers “would it be alright if they removed the mirror” to get the camera shot through the frame. To take the mirror out of an existing frame causes all manner of problems, so they have had me make them a “Mirror without a mirror” I suspect I wont be making very many of these, but if anyone else wants one do get in touch.

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