barehouse2018In a past life I used to be a Theatrical Lighting Engineer, although I became known for using theatrical techniques and equipment but not necessarily in a Theatre. Over the years I have lit countless artworks and buildings, I still occasionally come out of my nice warm workshop, get the screwdriver out and project manage something.

This last week I have been installing the Bough 1 artwork in London. Designed by Simon Corder I first installed this in 2004, and as I remember it won a number of lighting design prizes at the time. This year as part of the Lumiere London Festival which Opens next week it has been completely refurbished with all the fitting replaced with moderns ones, and the designer took the opportunity to tweak the design.

The installation covers five floors on the outside of the Barge house building part of the OXO tower complex at the side of the River Thames. When we first started talking about it in August I was keen, on a cold wet, and windy January my enthusiasm wained slightly. 20 mts in the air on a scissor lift with the wind whistling up your trouser leg can best be described as Character Forming.

However the end result looks very good and hopefully will last another 14 years before we do it again

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