Restoring Rush Seat Chairs

Several times a year I get to put aside my usual work, making wooden wheels and work on antique chairs. Most of the time this involves reupholstery but occasionally I get to replace a rush seat, something I particularly enjoy. Having recently completed a set I thought I would take the opportunity to film a new Heritagecraft Youtube video for your enjoyment. Just follow the link above.

Rush seating is one of the earliest forms of upholstery, in the earliest days this would be rushes picked and dried twisted together to form the seat, and whilst you can still do that, these days its easier to use Rush cord. There are various types available including a paper version, but I use the version which is real rushes twisted together to form a cord. Its harder to use and requires more skill than the other alternatives, but it looks far better, and its worth the effort to get it just right.

In the video I replace the seat in an Antique Carver Chair, one of a set which I am doing for a customer. The end result was very pleasing and I am delighted to say the customer was delighted. Which is what I aim for. Happy customers are repeat customers, and that’s what every business needs, however there is always room for new customers as well so if you have chairs ( or wheels) that need TLC get in touch.

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2 Responses to Restoring Rush Seat Chairs

  1. Margaretha says:

    Hi Tom, just watched your wonderful video on restoring a rush seat. I have four modern Danish chairs with rush seats in variable degrees of dilapidation. I am based in London and looking to have them restored. Might you be interested? How much do you charge? Thanks.

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