Tom Green is a Craftsmen, Video Maker, and Author with  workshops in London and Norfolk.

I started out many years ago to become a wheelwright, the person who makes the wooden wheels for carriages, which would then be passed on to a blacksmith to fit the tyres, which would then pass on to the wainwright to make the carriage, the trimmer for the upholstery, and so on. What I rapidly discovered that very few of these crafts exist anymore and those which do have very little to do with carriages, so if you want to do one bit you really have to do them all and so began the craft journey to get me where I am today.

After 20 years of learning I now consider myself proficent in Wood, Leather, and Upholstery, and I am not bad as a blacksmith. For videos of my work have a look at  https://www.youtube.com/user/heritagecraft  Along the way I have made wheels, carriages, furniture, armour, charcoal, mattresses, knives, and all manner of leather bags and belts. My project for this summer is a Horse Drawn Ice Cream Machine.

5 Responses to About

  1. I absolutely adore watching your leather-working videos on YouTube. I particularly enjoyed the Gentleman’s Briefcase video and your comments on “doing it right” and sewing it all together, as opposed to just using gadgets and metal clasps. I have one specific leather-working question that I would very much appreciate being able to ask you, however I cannot find a “Contact” button on your Youtube.com or this blog website.

  2. MZ says:

    Watching your videos, I believe you are the real thing! I would like to order a couple of leather briefcases and a satchel from you, but it seems harder than I though, because the websites where I could order seems to under a different domain. If you could let me know how I could contact you, this would be great.

    Best regards!

  3. Chris says:

    Hello Tom. I have just dicovered your work and would lije to say how inspiring you are with your extremely clear instructions and your infectious positivity….thank you. I am going to build a wooden scrum machine for my sons rugby club and you have given me the confidence even though I have no formal plans to work to, I am going to take your positivity. All the very best, Chris.

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