Let there be light



imageJanuary is always a cold month, just the time to come out of my nice warm workshop to assist my good friends at http://www.trafalgarlighting.co.uk with the Canary Wharf Winter lights Festival. 30 world famous artists install artworks on the theme of light around the estate, and in amongst it all is some of my work, including the Winter Lights sign, this year made with LED flexineon, which seems to turn up on Instagram more than the artworks.


I am also responsible for the 80 mt long colour changing sky bridge, as well as a number of atmospheric pieces around the estate,image

As for the real artists, there are some you like, some you Question, and some you really wish you had thought of it first.

I love the 4 Mt high inflatable rabbitsimage

and these spinning shapes were mesmerisingimage

If your in London you have one week to go and see for yourself. It’s well worth a visit

As for me it’s back to the warmth of my workshop.

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