I need a Sombrero!


imageEvery now and again I give up knocking seven bells out of bits of wood and return to my roots, back to the world of theatrical lighting, a world that paid my bills for over 3 decades, and so today I have been working on a proposal for an Art Installation on the theme of light.

As with all of my projects I have had something in the back of my mind churning over for years. Most of these ideas will never make it beyond middle of the night musings, but occasionally they make it too fruition and when they do, even better when they works, you get that frisson of excitement, as suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opens up, further things to try. What I now need to do is talk it through, have a period of experimentation, and refine this to become the finished project, when hopefully you can all come and have a go.

For this years proposal I have been working on the theme of silhouettes and shadows. I wanted to create for the want of a better term a Silhouette Booth, a set up where friends and families could come and create their own instant interactive art, have fun, create memories and take photos. I just needed to prove the system. So this morning I made a frame with a screen, and sat in front of a domestic light. So simple and so much fun. It worked and think how much better it will be with a proper light source.

Now if my dearly beloved and I had fun trying on hats, turning sideways, swapping who sat behind the screen, taking pictures, and we have seen it all before, so think how much fun a family, who have never had a chance to play before could have. I think we might have something here. I’m just off to buy a sombrero

Follow the blog to find out how we get on.

best wishes


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