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It seemed like such a good idea

It seemed liked such a good idea at the time, a cedar wood hot tub for the garden, in principle a straight forward project, no fancy joints, just wood with just a little bit of easy plumbing. I started with the base, … Continue reading

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cooking sauce or hair remover?

I have been making my own sauces for several years, it began when I started making my own bacon, when I wanted to do the whole thing, bacon, bread, and brown sauce, and I do have to say it was … Continue reading

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Do people still buy books?

For a long time now I have been working on a book about leather craft, and have been slowly gathering content. Over the same time I have made a number of videos, posted them on you tube, which if I … Continue reading

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Put an Old Man out of his Misery

some days you just have to put aside all thoughts of hedonistic pleasure, in my workshop knocking seven bells out of bits of wood, and instead concentrate on earning your daily crust. Which is why I am spending the weekend helping at … Continue reading

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It needs knobs and Dials

 I am not someone who is very good at sitting still, so when I know I am going to have a few days off I like to have a project. One of my goals for this summer is to make … Continue reading

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