An ingredient too far. We try it.

image A couple of weeks ago a colleague of my daughters mentioned that she had been served at a hotel Smoked Butter, and how she had enjoyed it. When I first heard about it I was sceptical and I could see a few issues in the actual smoking, but the more I thought about, the more possibilities that appeared. I started to think about other dishes that would benefit from smoked butter, savoury pastry, scrambled egg with smoked butter could be good, but think how good potted shrimps would be. Its just got to be tried.

First I need some butter

If you have never made it Butter is probably one of the easiest things you can make. In this case I have used 1 litre of double cream, put it in a food mixer and set it going. After a few minute’s the cream thickens and becomes whipped cream, but if you keep mixing it starts to separate, into solids and liquid. The solid is the butter, and the liquid is Butter milk. Pour off the liquid and keep it its useful for all manner of things. You now need to wash the butter milk remains out of the butter so rinse it several times under a cold tap. You need to get it all out otherwise the butter will turn rancid within a day or two. I have no idea how long the butter will last, it doesn’t stick around that long.

Once the butter milk remains are all washed out you end up with basic butter, and this is when you add whatever you like. I put in Sea salt, you could add herbs, garlic, whatever works for you its now ready to use. I split mine into four and shaped with my Christmas present Butter Pats.

Now for the smoking. A while ago I made a smoker in the garden. If your interested I will put the link to the video at the end. The Butter goes on a rack in the smoker, along with some brie and prawns, its going to be a lovely lunch. The choice of wood sawdust makes quite a difference, it doesn’t always have to be oak. I used Apple a lovely fruity smoke.image image

After 45 minutes in the smoker and its ready. I reasoned we wanted a light smoke, the suggestion of smoke rather than heavy in your face smoke. I have to say it worked creamy packed full of flavour butter with smokey highlights. I am a convert, so thank you Elizabeth for the tip, this has now joined the repertoire.

If you want to see the video have a look at


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