Mirror Mirror on the wall


Over the years I have made my fair share of mirrors for theatrical purposes, but this latest one is the most fun yet.

I am working with artist on an artwork for an exhibition next year on a project involving various mirrors and video which promises to be rather fun. As part of the preparatory work I needed to make a set of  Fairground or Funfair Mirrors, you remember the sort that distort your image, and it changes as the distance changes.

As a project its had its moments and I definitely learnt a lot. One of the secrets of being a craftsmen is knowing who the good suppliers are, who you can trust, and those you cant.  On this project I definitely met a few you cant. The suppliers of Mirror spray  are a particularly interesting lot, I tried a couple, big claims, high prices, and it didn’t work. but as you can see we finally have a prototype that works. Along the way I have experimented with bending the mirror in different directions, or in the case of this one several bends. It certainly works and no one can walk past it without stopping to play. It hilarious to watch which is the point of the artwork which I am really looking forward to.

One of my theatrical customers who already have a stock of my wheeled makeup mirrors, has placed their order for a set of five Fairground Mirrors for their hire stock, and I suspect they wont be the only order. One of the things they do is hire out Temporary Dressing rooms, usually with a mirror in . Now they are far to professional to consider it but imagine the reaction with a mirror that slightly distorts in the changing room. A definite case of does my bum look big in this, but doesn’t that make shopping fun




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