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Lay still whilst I measure for your Coffin!

This week I spent two days at the Suffolk show a major rural show in the East of England, promoting my Wheelwrights Business. As a modern wheelwright I am used to being a rare commodity. An educated guess would suggest there … Continue reading

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Repairing Wooden Wheels

I frequently get asked to repair wooden carriage wheels, and they are always a voyage of adventure as you never know what your going to find, which also makes it the hardest to price, which is another problem as everyone wants … Continue reading

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The First Cuckoo

Its often said that one of the first signs of spring is hearing a cuckoo, which I suppose depends upon where you live, whereas in our world the first sign of spring is the first day  we light the bread … Continue reading

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An ingredient too far. We try it.

 A couple of weeks ago a colleague of my daughters mentioned that she had been served at a hotel Smoked Butter, and how she had enjoyed it. When I first heard about it I was sceptical and I could see … Continue reading

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I want to be an apprentice

Occasionally life smiles upon you, and this week was one of those occasions. I was lucky to go with a party of fellow wheelwrights to an after hours private view around the Royal Mews, escorted by their coachmen. For the want … Continue reading

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A man gets on a bike

A picture of a man holding a bicycle wheel is never going to be that exciting to look at. Until you look carefully As a wheelwright I am used to making and repairing wooden wheels, for carriages, early vintage cars, cannons, … Continue reading

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A Wooden Bicycle Wheel

Its time for a new project, Christmas is long gone, the weather is getting marginally warmer, or at least warm enough to allow glue to cure properly and I have some time to play in between real work. So its time to … Continue reading

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Horse Drawn fire engine

I like to think I have a good life, I get to play with some good toys, and make some interesting things. Today however was definitely a red letter day. It was a wheelwrights day out and a few of us went see and … Continue reading

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101 uses for unistrut

 The talk has finished and now the fun begins, although to be fair there is still a lot of talking going on. I am thoroughly enjoying the reaction when I tell people I am making a Horse Powered Ice Cream … Continue reading

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Hand Sewn Leather Backpack

 Late last night I finished editing my latest video, a tutorial on a how to design and make a Leather Backpack and it was posted this morning on the heritagecraft channel. Have a look and see what you think, and do let me … Continue reading

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