The Chair that Hugs you – The Secret Compartment

The Final video of the Chair That’s Hugs You series is now available on youtube.

We are all dealing with the covid lock down in different ways. I am taking the opportunity to learn some new skills and improve the ones that I have.  Now as luck would have it one of my daughters is moving home as soon as lock down finishes and needs a new armchair. Perfect she needs a chair, I can make chairs, I need to fill my time, and there is always a video to be made.

So the Chair that Hugs you project was borne.

Video No 1 deals with the construction of the wooden frame.


The concept behind the videos was to make a series of short instructional videos each dealing with a particular aspect. Short seemed to go out the window as the time available allowed me to go into far greater detail, not only discuss how to do something, but also consider why do it that way and the alternatives. Video No 2 is fitting the webbing and springs. The foundations of upholstery

I see Traditional upholstery as a cross between craft and art. You need craft skills to do it, but the art is how you sculpt the chair to suit a particular body shape. My daughters are shorter than me , so they want a chair with shorter legs than standard, and both like to curl up and read in a chair, so its to allow for that. Video No 3 shows how to sculpt and change the dimensions to suit.

Video No 4 is really all about the back. As a someone who learnt upholstery through working on carriages I tend to Deep Button chair backs, that’s what my customers want. However I have always wanted to make a fluted back, an Art Nouveau style chair, and as I don’t have a customer to please, just a daughter looking for a chair, I can play.

The final video deals with the top fabric, and as a bonus the Secret compartment built into the body of the chair is revealed.

The Chair is a project I am proud off. Hopefully becoming a family heirloom, a gift from a father  to his daughter and for generations to come. Designed to snuggle down into, to hug you.


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