The Chair that keeps on Hugging


Part 3 of the Chair that hugs is now available on youtube. What started out as a quick and simple video is turning into an opus, and I want to know how it ends, will it end happily or will he crash and burn? Is there romance or better still a fast car chase?

I set out to make a series of short videos documenting the progress of a chair I was making for one of my daughters,  and its ended up as in depth instructional on traditional upholstery with humour (? you can make your own mind up about that).

My daughter wanted a new arm chair, and in these lock down days I have time to spare. She would be happy with just a chair, but I wanted to try something new and as a project its now rather run away with me, so even I now worry about the outcome.

Today’s video covers the foundations of the chair. The First stuffing, this is where you really get to sculpt a chair to the shape you want. Simple techniques that when mastered allow you to tailor the upholstery to suit you, with natural materials that will last hopefully several lifetimes.



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