The Portable Outdoor Oven

My Latest You tube video premieres today. If you follow the link it should take you straight too it.

Over the years I have built a number of outdoor ovens, many of which have made it too video. With each oven you learn a little more, refine the design, tweak, prod and poke.

I have been thinking about building a portable oven for some time. Having recently given up full time work I was convinced that a portable wood fired oven at a food market turning out Hot Sausage Rolls would make my fortune. I saw myself as a jolly rotund figure with handlebar moustache and a natty line in waistcoats , the market character, serving a long cue of loyal & patient customers, with a cheery smile and joke for all.

There are so many thing wrong with that portrait, I’m grumpy, don’t have a moustache, or a waistcoat,  although I can manage rotund. However the main problem was a conversation  I had with a  local environmental health officer who explained to me the paperwork I would need to complete, and the equipment I would need to sell sausage rolls at a market. As I am trying to work smarter that did rather put me off, so the sausage roll company, and several other of my food based schemes fell apart. But I still liked the idea of a portable oven.

So finally the Portable oven project was borne, with two videos and a Heritage Craft Project book which gives you all the plans should you decide to make one for yourself.

When I did get to fire up the oven, you wont be surprised to know the first bake was sausage rolls. and the end result confirmed my belief that the sausage rolls would make a fortune. As a Home made Sausage roll they were always going to be good, but add wood smoke flavour and they move up to magnificent, the difficulty would be sharing.. The oven exceeded expectation proving to be very efficient and easy to control. I cant help thinking if we get any sort of summer its going to be busy.


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