Is this an ingredient too far?

This weekend is a holiday weekend when I get an extra day to play and I think its time to fire up the smoker. If you have never read my blog before I built a smoker in the back garden a couple of years ago, to replace a portable one and have enjoyed myself with it ever since.

I wont bore you with the details of the smoker if your interested look at my earlier posts or videos in you tube, but it suffices to say it can be used as a cold smoker, where there is  smoke flavour but without heat, which means I can smoke cheese, in particular Brie which is a particular favourite.

My daughter has now sparked an argument when she suggests that as well as cheese I could smoke Butter. The idea apparently comes from a work colleague who we are told  has had this whilst staying in an upmarket hotel, and whilst I do like to think of myself as upmarket, but really smoked Butter…

My dearly beloved always the voice of reason, and particularly good at puncturing my pomposity is all in favour and reminded me of the time I made potted shrimps with smoked shrimps, which makes my mouth water just at the thought of it. Well how much better would that be if the butter they were potted in was smoked, how much better would savoury pastry be with smoked butter, or savoury scones. But really smoked butter.

Its really a step too far but its an intriguing prospect, I am just going to have to try it, but really smoked butter.

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