Now that’s so good


Last summer I built myself a wood fired bread oven in the garden, which is probably the best thing I have ever made, but the down side is that it’s in the garden, so we are dependant upon fine weather. Cooking in the rain isn’t recommended.

Still today the weather was good, and it’s the holiday weekend so time to fire up the oven.

image.jpgNow the bread was good, a mixture of Dark Rye and white bread flour,created a crusty loaf, which was as good as it gets. Someone asked me the other day “how long does it keep” to which the answer is we don’t know, there,s never any leftover.

But today’s experiment was croissant,s. Now on a weekend I love to have something special for breakfast and croissants are a favourite.I make the dough on Friday night, store it in the fridge, and cut off what I need each day  so we have fresh croissants every morning.

So as luck would have it I had some croissant dough available, and a hot wood fired oven so why not put the the two together. The end result was interesting in a good way. Smoky croissant.s may not be a breakfast choice, but with cheese inside it strikes me as an excellent lunch, or with a frankfurter inside for me that would, be a superb sausage roll.


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2 Responses to Now that’s so good

  1. Fantastic concept. I wonder if you have plans with dimensions. Thank you and enjoy your oven.

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