Central heating – Is it a Pipe Dream?


You can only talk about a project for so long, eventually you do have to actually do have to start work, and I have been talking about this for years, in fact I have been using the same joke for years. I remember mentioning it in an article for a society I belong to years ago. But until now been, wait for it, its been a  Pipe Dream.

Now I have a decent size workshop, although its seems to be getting smaller, in the summer its lovely, but in the winter it can be challenging especially if I am working with wood and need to get the glue to dry, you need heat, as I get older my capacity to rough it goes down I need heat, so its time to accept the inevitable, its time for my workshop to get central heating. Now I could install electric heating, cheap to install , but the running costs would be prohibitive. We are in the country so gas isn’t available, unless we use propane which means storage tanks, and I had a heart attack at the cost of a air source heat pump, so you can see it coming. Its time to Do it Yourself, how hard can it be.

So today I started on my Central heating boiler with waste wood as the heat source.

Key to it all is the heat exchanger which as you can see from the picture I have based on a steam engine boiler, and already I hit issues trying to braze copper, but we will get there. Or at least I hope so because my original plan was too buy the radiators, but now I think about it I have a design……..




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