The Chair That Hugs You

The first Video in the “Chair that hugs you” series is now available on my You tube channel.

Amidst this coronavirus lockdown with real work cancelled I have the opportunity to do what I want, and I have always enjoyed making armchairs. But for reasons I don’t understand the videos are never very popular. Its maybe because there are lots of upholstery videos, although most of them seem to  involve slabs of foam and staple guns. Whereas I prefer Hair and Tacks, the traditional method, which is in keeping with the projects I work on. You cant use foam in an 18th century carriage seat. I would also argue that this method is the most environmentally friendly as its all natural sustainable materials, which cant be said for the foam and staples method.

So here I am with spare time and a daughter that needs an armchair. She is happy with a comfortable armchair, she gets to choose the fabric, and like all my furniture its made to suit the customers body dimensions. I get to choose the style.

The style I have chosen to build is an Art Nouveau style chair with a fluted back, a style that not only looks good but puts its arms around you and hugs you. I have always wanted to make a chair with this style of back, but have never had the opportunity. Now I do.

I am taking the opportunity to document the process on video breaking it down into very small chunks, which then allows me the opportunity to explain in detail what I am doing, and the reasoning behind it. Part one concerns building the wooden frame, and future videos will follow on swiftly although I do see a delay in the offing. I have all the materials I need in stock apart from the finish fabric. For that I need someone to make a decision about fabric and then I have to order it, so there may be a delay on the last video.

At the moment I am resisting the temptation to build in hidden compartments but I can be persuaded if enough people are interested.

Enjoy the video



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