A Traditional Market Cart

My latest Video is making a Traditional Market Cart, often referred to as a costermongers cart. If you would like to know the history of costermongers have a look at my earlier posts and you will find the complete potted history.

In making this all I had to go on is a picture, of an original cart, shown below. The traditional colour scheme is Green with Red Wheels, and the wheels are iron shod. I have chosen to adopt the traditional colours but have added considerable decoration, and the wheels, with advice from a fellow wheelwright, now have solid rubber tyres. The video includes a nail biting segment where I am pin striping the wheels and even I am on tenterhooks watching it to find out whether the lines join up.

These carts were once an everyday sight in their hundreds on the streets of London, but now have sadly disappeared from sight, good thing I am still making them.

Try the video and see what you think. If you would like a cart for you do get in touch.


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