Old Father Time

My latest Video has just been posted on Youtube. Following on from the modern briefcase in this one I make use of the left over leather to make some clocks and a belt. Help an Old Mans viewing figures along and have a look.

I have made a number of leather clocks recently from all manner of different leathers including Black Patent Leather, to see them all have a look at the Fitzrobbie website. But of them all I prefer the textured leather ones. Having said that it was a most unusual Leather and was horrible to stitch. The texturing process in the tannery leaves the surface very hard, which makes it very hard wearing, but also hard to work.

Now in England we have a law called the trade descriptions act which stops retailers making false claims regarding their products. However I have it on good authority from those scientist’s who make up those fictious names of serums used in Beauty Advertising that giving a Leather Clock as a present will make you the beneficiary of unbridled lust and passion (so be careful who you give it too). It may, or may not be true, but wouldn’t you like to test the theory, and so buy one today.


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