I used to have hair!

Today I have posted my latest video. By luck I managed to purchase the most superb piece of textured leather and I agonised over what to make. The leather was so good I didn’t want to use it. Then having made a briefcase it was so good I don’t want to sell it, but then that doesn’t pay bills. ( available at http://www.fitzrobbie.co.uk).

The video takes you through step by step from the initial hide to a finished briefcase, a subsequent yet to be posted video then uses up the leftover piece of leather. Have a look and let me know what you think. I am very pleased with the end result.

I shot part of the video last week in Norfolk where the temperature in the daytime got to double figures, causing me to cast aside the winter strong coloured tartan padded shirts, in favour of a light blue light weight fleece. I wasn’t quite ready to throw caution to the wind,be reckless and get to shirt sleeves.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself as someone who is particularly body conscious, and if you have seen my videos you will understand I am unlikely to win “The UKs best dressed man” unless Bib and Braces get adopted by hipster fashionistas, in which case I will of course lead the race. I could pretend its just a rural look put on for the camera, designed to suggest my working class trendy credentials,  but as my dearly beloved maintains I smarten up on video days. I  look in the mirror once every day to comb my hair in the morning, a man must have standards, and that’s about it, until the next day.

However editing your own videos forces you to confront your own appearance, its there on the screen in front of you for several hours, often viewed from the most unflattering camera angles. If you think I look rough in the video you should see the edits.

What I take from this is, if you look back over the now 57 videos I have posted is : I had hair when I started, and what I had was coloured when I started !

Now when you look at the latest video of me in my light blue fleece all I see is grey hair. I don’t care enough to do something about it, but if I am wearing a hat in the next video you know why.

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