When the steel is hot!

My latest video is posted today which takes me back to my roots. The majority of my work is as a wheelwright, a maker of carriage wheels, but apart from the very first videos, I haven’t made any wheel videos since.

When I made the original wheel videos we were blessed with “Uncle Len” alas no longer with us and who is sadly missed. A lovely man who if you watch wheel video no 3 you can see his unerring talent to stand, or worse bend over, just in the wrong place for every shot, when were fitting the tyre, but when the steel is hot you have to keep going. In this video I reprise his performance, not deliberately but again – when the steel is hot.

However I was recently asked to make a wheelbarrow wheel, which for me is quite rare so I decided I would also make a video about it. As this summer I am too be found at several rural shows, for which I need a few demonstration pieces. So I made a second one as well, which will give me an opportunity to try coach painting and pin striping – something to practice on.


Enjoy the video

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