A Leather Lampshade

For this weeks video I demonstrate how to make a Leather Lampshade to fit my wooden Desk lamp. Over the years I have made a number of Leather Lampshades, in a variety of styles and colours, so I had forgotten the novelty factor of a Lampshade made from Saddlery Leather. However the reaction to the video has reminded me maybe this is slightly unusual. Follow the link and see what you think.

Opinion is divided, some folk are horrified, and others love them. I personally like the red leather ones, I did make some Black Patent Leather ones for a club which were interesting, and the Dark Brown leather Barrel shades looked really good. Recently I have been playing with carving Leather, maybe I should try carving a scene on the front.

What do you think? shall I continue with them – let me know



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1 Response to A Leather Lampshade

  1. keema says:

    Thank you for your Leather Lamp Shade video

    Looking for suggestions on using softer leather “like tanned deer skin ” to make lamp shades. advice on stitching soft leather

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