A Sophisticated Bag for a Simple Man

I had a couple of days break between real work whilst I waited for an important customer to make a decision, so I took an opportunity to make a project just for me making use  of a leftover piece of leather.

A couple of times a month I forsake the comfort of my overalls, don a suit and commute into London, and whilst I have stripped back what I take with me I always have an iPad and my new Phone. When I replaced my phone as I can be quite hard on phones I chose one designed for builders, its supposedly drop proof, waterproof, dustproof, and designed for big fingers. Perfect I hear you cry, but as its for builders its also the size of a small brick and weighs just like one, so a bit big for a streamlined jacket pocket.

Therefore  I need a bag that can cope with my phone, my iPad  and hopefully a bottle of water, and more importantly looks right for me. I am man who is gently waving middle aged goodbye, my days of being able to carry off a stylish Italian leather man bag have gone, although if I an honest they never really arrived in the first place.

See how I get on and watch the video. According to my Fashion consultant, otherwise known as a daughter, Harpers Bazaar this month are hailing Prairie Chic – tooled leather as the new trend, so at last I am at the cutting edge of fashion. I maintain that fashion goes in a circle, and providing I keep wearing my dungarees I am ahead of the curve as I wait for the rest of the fashion world to remember again.

Enjoy the video


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