Shine a Light

Its starting to feel like a proper film studio at the moment we have released one video a week for the last four weeks and there are a few more to come.

This weeks video shows how to make an Adjustable Wooden Desk light. The project  started as a need for a new bedside light and grew from there, into what becomes a product. In the past I haven’t kept products in stock for sale, instead customers ask me to make things for them, one off bespoke items, I don’t keep products in stock. However that’s starting to change and this will be my first “Stock Product”.

These products wont be available forever, I shall instead be making very small runs of each design, and when their all gone that’s it. That way I don’t get bored making them and gives me a chance to work my way through an enormous backlog of project ideas.

So have a look at this weeks video about a wooden light, next weeks video is for an unusual lampshade to fit, so if you want to find out about that remember to press subscribe. If you would like a own of the very few lanterns to be made then go to


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