Trendy At Last

In need of a present for a young lady with a strong sense of style I decided to make her a handbag – that’s not so unusual in my world I have made a number of handbags but its fair to say none like this.

The young lady whom this is intended for is a very creative person, a musician with its fair to say a dark sense of humour, and despite trying to hide it under a goth exterior she has a country and western soul. Never happier than when singing songs of gloom horror & heartache.

A perfect excuse for me to try leather carving on the front of a black bag, which I am led to believe by my Fashion Consultants is on trend and now described as Prairie Chic. Who knew – I’m trendy don’t worry it wont last.

Click the link above to have a look at the video and see how I got on. I’m rather proud of it, unfortunately my next handbag customer has seen it and is a fan of Art Nouveau, so I may regret ever starting down this road.

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