Norfolk joins the Space Race?

There is an old saying that suggests a prophet isn’t revered in their own land. Now whilst I wont try and claim to be a prophet I can understand the sentiments and its a message that’s been brought home sharply with this latest project.

I think I have made the perfect Garden Seat. Following months of research, coupled with years of experience, I have ended up with what I think is the perfect combination to suit my body shape and requirements.  The seat is at the perfect height, sculpted to suit, the back gently reclines, with an armrest perfect for my cuppa. All contained in a discrete shelter with an elegant roof. Perfect I hear you cry.

My dearly beloved who hadn’t seen it since the early stages of construction, rounded the corner at the bottom of the garden and exclaimed ” Its a Bus Stop” . Its not like any bus stop I have ever seen. My neighbours watching me transporting the carcass from my workshop, thought it was hilarious to ask if I was building a rocket. Oh how we laughed.

I get the last laugh, they have all tried it, now their experts, and have all come up with potential improvements, cup holders, foot rests, headrests, Solar powered lighting,  it hasn’t occurred to them I cant do it, but then it never occurs to me either. Enjoy the video


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