Romance for Middle Aged Men

Last year I did a series of Videos entitled “The Grand Romantic Gesture” in which I put forward that well known fact that the most Romantic People in the world are  Middle Aged men. Unfortunately this well known fact is occasionally misunderstood by Middle Aged Women, particularly those who have been in a relationship with said maidle aged men for many years, and shall we say the romance is simmering on a low heat.

I then go one to suggest what is needed is a Grand Romantic Gesture, something magnificent, something which the recipient of our affections can proudly hold up in front of friends and family as demonstrable proof that there is still fire in their relationship. Impressing them and making the jealous at the same time as their husbands haven’t made such a gesture in years.

The videos go on to show that by crafting something by your own hands, you can create a very personal gift, which will delight your beloved, and meets all the requirements of the Grand Romantic Gesture. However I then go on to show that with a little bit more work you can get 4-5 presents out of this one, and so you have just solved a years presents dilemma. Every mans dream.

Away from work I frequently find myself waiting in a small group of usually middle aged women, waiting for someone to do their thing, so we can then come along and do our thing. Its a long story. If you ever want to get a spirited discussion going to pass the time, my well known fact about Middle Aged Men and romance is a sure fire hit. Add to that the occasional emails I receive mostly from women who have seen the videos, and it would appear us men still have a way to go.

The urban myth of a man buying his wife an Ironing Board for Christmas, apparently isn’t a myth, it does happen, along with Washing Machines, Ovens, and Irons. I have been told my young man who gave his new girl friend a voucher for Pole Dancing Lessons. Putting aside any possible views on pole dancing, he didn’t have enough sense to have a public present, and a private present. He only had the one present and it was given in front of her full extended family at Christmas. You can imagine the response.

I was told that tale by the boys mother who had done her best to talk him out of it, but you wont be surprised to know he didn’t stay the boyfriend for too much longer. The following Christmas with a new girl friend he had learnt from his mistake, and instead gave his new girl friend Auto Club Membership, so she didn’t have to keep phoning him up when she broke down. There are two ways you can look at that, he certainly was solving a problem for both of them, but if you were the beneficiary would you be impressed? Is it going to make your heart beat faster?

So now I’m trying again, to bring romance back into your lives, with a new series of videos, an even easier way to make a your dearly beloved a very personal present reflecting their hobbies and enthusiasm’s, a present that is unique, made just for them, no one else will can have one, and if that doesn’t shout ROMANCE I don’t know what does . What can it be I hear you cry, for now it must remain a guarded secret , although I can say it starts off with me pressing flowers on camera, something I didn’t think I would ever find myself doing. The video is coming soon so press subscribe and be the first to find out the sure fire way to bring romance back into your life.

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