Taking the shed for a walk!!


Another lovely day and time for another project, this time a sheltered Garden Seat.

Without any thought to our own personal safety, risking being infected by the pernicious “Gardening Bug” my dearly beloved and I have for several months been visiting Garden centres across the South East of England, ostensibly to look at plants but really to undertake secret and extensive research on Garden Benches.

Finally after many hours of painstaking, and in some cases painful study, we have arrived at the dimensions and design for the perfect Garden Bench. Not only the seat height and depth, but also the shape, the springiness, the height of the back, and most importantly the height of the arm to support in order to rest an elbow with a cup of tea. But finally and much amusement from passers watching our deliberations we have arrived at a finished design. and so the Garden Shelter was born.

I took the opportunity to use up some surplus left over wood , and so the whole project comes in under £40, and that was just for the paint.

Our picture at the top shows the shelter carcass being transported from the workshop to the garden, before the roof shingles were fitted, and paint applied. When you look at the picture you could quite see it appearing on some comedy quiz programme with contestants being asked to come up with a witty title.

So why don’t we get in first. I have had my go see if you can come up with something better. Any suggestions ?

The final picture shows the painted shelter and Cedar wood roof shingles but without the perfect bench installed, for that you will need to wait for the video. Remember to subscribe and you will be one of the first to find out, alternatively you can go to You tube and look for Heritagecraft.




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