Which shape skittles?

Most of my work is one off pieces, working for clients who have an idea but not a set of plans so part of my job is the design, and drawings necessary to complete the finish project.

Next weeks project is the construction of a pair of outdoor Ten Pin Bowling Alleys which are to be installed in a Central London Office Development . Street games for office workers. I have an idea for the lanes, and the ever so important ball return, what I am stuck on is the Pins or skittles.

I owe it to my customer to be efficient with my time, after all they are paying for it so I went online to see if it was cheaper to buy skittles ready made rather than make them. I had sold them the concept on the basis of themed skittles shaped like a well known building, however having commissioned the work they then asked for Traditional skittles. That’s when the problem started. It would appear there as many shapes of traditional skittles as there are types of tea.

Which shape to I make? do you prefer 1, 2, or 3.  Let me know and remember to press subscribe to find out how I got on


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