What do I do Now?


For 35 years I have had the same job, running an Entertainment Technology Company in London. I started the company in 1983 with a shoe string budget, working from my parents garage, and gradually over the years we grew, gained some colleagues, more equipment, proper premises, and diversified into new markets.

At its height we employed 12 people, at which point as the boss you then spend your whole time worrying about cash flow as every month that’s one hell of a wage bill to pay. So I wasn’t sad to shrink back as the next recession came, – I went through a few. Most of my competitors from the old days have long gone, but then we diversified.

Finally yesterday it all came to an end when someone wrote a cheque, and today for as long as I can remember I had nothing that needed to be done. That feels really strange but very nice.

So what now. All the projects I have been working on part time for years, can now be full time projects. There are lots of plans for new books, new workshops, new videos. I have a backlog of projects, and finally I can open my wheelwrights shop in Norfolk.

I want a wooden bath, more hot tubs, the Horse Powered Ice Cream Machine needs to get finished, and I have slowly been acquiring the bits to cast metal. I am booked to appear at a Food Fair in August so I need a new food project by then. I have been invited to submit designs for a lighting sculpture to be used at a festival in January.

Wish me luck  as they say the best is yet to come.


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1 Response to What do I do Now?

  1. Mary says:

    Now the fun really starts. I can’t wait to see what you make next

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