How to make a Hot Tub

Its 3 years since I posted the How to build a Hot tub video and its proved to be my most popular video with close to 400,000 views to date. The video is linked to a set of plans, my first book and its just been reprinted available exclusively from   if you watch and then read the book you have all the information you need to build the tub and the heater. Just add water

I have had my tub for 3 years now and the first dip of the year is keenly anticipated, as its made such a difference to our life although I do have to say as I get older the temperature we go in at gets higher. In the photo the first time we had ever used the tub it was a chilly 22 degrees, how we suffer for our art. Now its more likely to be at 34 degrees and on one memorable day we soaked under a starlight sky at an incredible 37. Really too hot but Ooh so good on a cold night.

Over the years I have been asked all manner of things, cost is the most popular and the answer its cheaper than buying a commercial one. I have been asked having used it for a time would I change anything, and the answer is not really, I am still happy with the design,


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