Middle Aged Romance – The Video

Part two of the Grand Romantic Gesture Video is now available to view, just follow the link.

Part two shows step by step instructions on how to take a Food Safe silicon mould  from the wood carving or anything else you have available, which can then be used to make a very personalised cake for your dearly beloved. If you don’t like cake, and whilst I find it hard to believe apparently not everyone does, then you could do a Jelly or Ice Cream, or if your from the smart side of town, Pate. The choice is yours. I am just providing the tools its up to you how you use them.

I used the finished mould to made a cake, of which I was ridiculously proud, which is apparent from the end of the video. I cant pretend it was the greatest cake I have ever made, but in all my years of baking cakes, and its been a few, I think it was the one that gave me the greatest sense of achievement, even better than the red and green stripy fruitcake I made when I was 14, a cake my father never forgot.

Oh well on too the next project, I feel the need to do some upholstery next. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to press subscribe if you liked it.




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