How to make a Garden Grill – The Video

In the summer frustrated by once again needing to replace my barbecue, I set out to make one, and if I am going to make one lets see if I can improve on the design and efficiency.

Inspired by an academic article I had read about the differences between aluminium and cast iron cookware, and the different ways they transfer heat. The theory is that aluminium dissipates the heat, where as cast iron creates hot spots in the metal which then radiates the heat upwards. What this means in practical terms when applied to barbecues is that aluminium cooks the outside of a piece of meat whereas cast iron radiates heat into the meat, cooking the inside as well, and the most common complaint with barbecue cooking is the meat is burnt outside and raw in the centre.

So my design uses closely spaced solid steel rods rather than the usual thin widely spaced steel which your sausages fall between. Having tried this for a summer I can say the theory works, and there is a part 2 video and a book yet to come which turns the garden grill into a Portable Pizza oven so remember to press the subscribe button to keep in touch.

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