The Grand Romantic Video

The first part of “The Grand Romantic Gesture” is now available to view, just click on the link above. This sets out the reasoning and takes you through to the finish of a wood carving which is the basis of the Grand Romantic Gesture. Part 2 which is available in a few days time demonstrates how to take a silicon mould of the carving which can then be used to make all manner of things, giving you years of presents from a single piece of work.

Originally I had intended to make this a two part series, but the more sleepless nights I have the more ideas I come up with for additional things I can make with the mould, so I am there is a possibility of a third. Those who have seen the first are very complementary but I become very conscious that it becomes a bit of a monologue, so I am tempted to make the third one a Mime. What do you think?

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