Tom Green Live on Stage

Finally after many years I leave the comfort of my workshop, and for the first time enter the world of Live Events with an appearance at the Enfield Food Festival, where on stage I demonstrated my new Food smoker and dehydrator, make tomato powder and cure bacon in under 25 minutes. Which is pretty fast work.

For marketing purposes I have of course to say it was magnificent, and I held the audience spell bound in the palm of my hand, but you make your own mind up I am too close to it to be objective. What I can say is afterwards I had several very good discussions about points raised with a wide variety of people, and a number of people were going home to do some of what I suggested, so on that basis alone we will consider it a success. I would certainly do it again.

Now its time to leave tomatoes alone for a while and move on. I have had an inspiration for a video designed for middle aged men looking to put the romantic spark back into their relationship. It involves a cake, some silicon, and a block of wood. Am I going to far from my roots or are you interested? My dearly beloved is not allowed to comment

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