The Last Tomato in Norfolk

The Old Blokes Kitchen rides again. For those who have missed it I have been making a combined food dehydrator and smoker, and as always with my projects there is a video. I will put a link about its construction at the bottom, but the latest video is about how to use it.  By way of a experiment for the first firing, I decided to dry and smoke some tomato’s and then convert them into a powder which can be used in cooking. The end result, smoked tomato powder, exceeded all expectations, and created an ingredient which we would now struggle to do without. Why not have a look at the video and see for yourself

I would like to pretend that this magnificent machine is the result of years of intensive research, required vast amounts of computer power and high tech equipment to make, and needs to be operated by a team of highly trained technicians with university degrees. But if you look at the how to make it video you will see its as low tech as its possible to be, with one moving part, or two if you include the door, and can easily be operated in a garden or even on a balcony. You can use it just as a cold smoker, just as a dehydrator, or a combination of both. The hammock is optional, but recommended. You cant hurry these things

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