My Kingdom for a Bacon Sandwich


Its time to unleash the experiment on the world and publish the first of the Bacon Sandwich videos, a slight detour from my usual video fare, but combines my love of making things with my love of cooking. I am using the title of The Old Blokes Kitchen, safe in the knowledge I can grow into it. I am really 25 its all makeup. If you haven’t been keeping up this is where I break down the parts of a bacon Sandwich into components, and working on the theory that if you manufacture the components rather than purchasing mass produced must get a better end result.

So over the course of a couple of videos I cure and then smoke the Bacon, make and then smoke the Butter, make the brown sauce, bake the bread in my wood fired oven, and then bring it all together, cooking the bacon on an open fire in a frying pan I also made. You can make your own mind up about the videos, what I can tell you is the end result lived up to its billing “the Ultimate Bacon Sandwich”. It was very good,I don’t know why I bothered putting preservative in the Bacon cure its never in the fridge long enough to worry.

To see part one, curing the bacon and making pork scratching’s have a look at and remember to subscribe,then you will find out about part two first.

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