Does my bum look big in this?


You wont be at all surprised to know that as a Middle Aged Man who spends large portions of his life wearing paint spattered overalls looking at my image in a mirror is not something that’s important too me. I comb my hair in the mirror in the morning and that’s it for the rest of the day.  The fairground mirrors I make are therefore the only ones I spend real time looking at myself in , brilliant fun. Every time I finish making one I cant wait to see the effect, there all different and always funny. What more do you need I am a simple soul.

I spent last weekend supporting one of my best customers for whom I make bespoke Illuminated makeup mirrors at a professional Makeup Artists Trade show. In a few weeks time I get to do it all again at another show. In an effort to introduce a little humour into the event we took a circus mirror with the company name across the top and as a advertising gimmick it really worked. Most passers by stopped, laughed, lots took pictures which then get shared online, all of which reinforces the brand. Perfect for the instragram generation, and several orders for Makeup Mirrors have resulted from people who weren’t there but have seen the pictures on social media including one to a well known TV newsroom. If you want a fairground Mirror for your trade show and we can attest to how well it works you can order one from my good friends

However the consistent comment was “It makes my bum look big” so for the next show we had the brain wave we would make the ultimate feel good mirror a Mirror that makes you look slim. I even had a slogan ” don’t go on a diet buy a better mirror”, and that’s when the problem started. Apparently not everyone wants to be thin. In some sections of society particularly those who follow a certain reality TV star a Big Bum is a desirable concept. To which I then offer to tweak the mirror to give you a big bum and thin top. Then I get told a big top is also sometimes considered desirable, so I offer to tweak the mirror at the top, and before you know what’s happened I ended up with a whole lecture on body image, Apples and Pears, cultural differences and media manipulation.  The real world finally made it into my workshop.  Who would have thought fairground mirror design would lead onto a lecture on gender politics.

Stay Close and find out how we solve the conundrum

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