George Clooneys Rival ?


The second instalment of My Ultimate Bacon Sandwich video has now been posted and is available for your viewing pleasure at

If you don’t know about this project, its where I have made a video trilogy breaking down a bacon sandwich into small component parts, the Bacon, the Butter, the Sauce, and the Bread. Then by making each part, using equipment I have made, I end up with a far superior end result, the Bacon Sandwich with a flavour you remember but can never find.

As a video its worth a look, and hopefully lots of you will at least try making your own Bacon, it takes remarkably little effort required, I will even email you the recipe so no excuses ( send an email to

I took over a week to shoot the trilogy, and in those quiet moments when I was waiting for something to happen I decided to make myself a signature apron. I had noticed that the TV chefs are now sporting very trendy aprons, in an effort to appear hip, even the oldies. Now whilst I might struggle to appear hip, it so happens I wanted an new apron, preferably one that doesn’t come undone just at the wrong moment. So making use of some leftover Blue Denim and Red Leather the apron was born. Now I make things for a living so I am used to seeing items I have made, but I was inordinately proud of this apron, and defended it whilst filming, even wearing another apron on top off camera if I was doing something messy.

In the second Video the Apron makes an appearance, and whilst it rather looks like I have a washboard stuck up my jumper rather than a washboard stomach, it is however flattering for a gentlemen over 25 with most of his original hair. Therefore when I posted the video on youtube I must have been suffering from delusions and low blood sugar, and so mentioned in the video description that the apron would be this years must have fashion item for discerning gentlemen of a certain age, and when entering the keywords put in “fashion Icon” and “Sex Symbol”. My dearly beloved nearly fell of her chair when I told her, daughters bent double with laughter.

But I get the last laugh I have seen the viewing figures, they shot up very quickly. As they say Sex sells although I don’t think George Clooney has too much to worry about, however if he fancies a Bacon sandwich I can oblige.


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