A New World Superfood


I have been taking advantage of a few days break to film a new video series entitled “The Old Blokes Kitchen”. The concept is in every video I take an everyday food and by breaking it down into components which I then produce when we get to the final product it must be exceptional. So far so good I hear you cry.image

For the first video I am deconstructing the humble bacon sandwich, so I cure the bacon, which I then smoke, I make the sauce, the butter, the bread, and then put it all together, all cooked over a wood fire for extra flavour. Sounds good doesn’t it. Remember to click the follow button and you will get to find out when its uploaded before everyone else.

So for the first section  I started off by curing the bacon, which is now in the fridge doing its stuff . Now one of the by products of curing bacon is the skin. You don’t want it on the bacon so its easy to strip it off first, and you can then salt it, cook it and it becomes Pork scratching’s a well known delicacy much beloved by middle aged men everywhere including me.

I always look forward to making pork scatchings however this time we took it to another level. One of the central points of the Old blokes kitchen is that’s its an Old Bloke (Me) having fun cooking with fire, using tools I have made so I cooked the skin in my wood fired  oven ( if you want to see how I made the oven have a look at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCcGtEqZX9E )  .

Once they came out the oven words failed me for a good few minutes they were that good. The Scratching’s puffed up better than ever before, the fire along with a smidgeon of smoked paprika gave it all a gentle Smokey flavour, and it was undoubtedly the best I have ever had. Maybe its a slight exaggeration to describe it as a world super food, but I think its definitely a Norfolk one.



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