A Cover Up


I have spent the day filming some more of the Old Blokes Kitchen Bacon Sandwich video. If you have missed out this its where I film one of my videos creating the constituent parts of a Bacon Sandwich, to create at last a bacon sandwich with the taste we all remember but never seem to get. So far we have filmed the curing and smoking of the bacon, with a slight detour to make Pork Scratching’s, we have churned the butter, and cooked on an open fire what turned out to be a superb fruity brown sauce. Tomorrow its the bread and then finally we get to put it all together. Its taken a week for one bacon sandwich.

Having watched many a cooking programme on TV there is a fashion for trendy chefs to have a signature rustic apron. So not wanting to be left behind and as  everyone can immediately see that I am so trendy I could almost be considered hipster, so if it works for them it must work for me, so out came the sewing machine. After all how difficult can it be.

The plan was for a simple dark blue heavy weight denim apron with red leather straps and fastened with a proper buckle so it cant come undone when you don’t want it too. Where I went wrong was leaving the workshop door open.  Apparently everyone and I mean everyone has an opinion about what makes a good apron, who knew it could be so contentious, but the good news is having expressed their opinion it appears that everyone wants one. This could be the start of a whole new product range.

Working on the theory that sex sells I did offer to pose with just the apron on but my dearly beloved felt our daughters couldn’t stand the emotional turmoil so instead we have an action shot. What do you think? do I have a product?image


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