There is nothing like a challenge

imageThere’s nothing like a challenge and my latest project is most definitely one of those. Over the years I have made my fair share of wooden wheels for horse drawn carriages, usually something fairly substantial, with wheels in the region of 1.2 – 1.5mts diameter with 50-60mm rims known as felloes.

Howver my latest project is the refurbishment of a goat cart, or milk churn wagon which as you can see has seen its better days and  needs amongst other work, four new wheels, which with 20mm felloes are slightly finer than I am used too. I have made wheelbarrow wheels which are a similar diameter, and I have made bicycle wheels which are as fine but made with laminated wood. I have never made wheels this fine from solid wood, so I see a challenge ahead.

Having taken it apart, which didn’t take too much effort, frankly one good cough would have done it. I now have the dimensions I need to start building. The first job is shaping the 36 wooden spokes with a spoke shave, one or two is fine but to do 36 you need to wait until there is something good on the Radio. If you understand the reference to the Radio programme “The Archers” you will understand this is a very good time to make spokes.

Come back and see how I get on.



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