Is it a Flower or is it a lamp Post?

imageNow even by my standards this is an unusual project. I have started work with a lighting designer who has been engaged to light a new sculpture about to be installed in a public park in the near future. The sculpture is based on a flower design and the custodians of the park are taking a somewhat enlightened view and rather than have a conventional lamp post to support the lanterns are prepared to consider a lamp post in keeping with the surroundings and the sculpture.

Therefore my client has come up with the design of a curved steel structure in two parts, the stem and the curved leaf symbolising a Lily. Today I have been building a prototype of the curved top from welded steel rods which will then used to support a copper leaf in a lily shape. As luck would have it I have an elderly aunt called lily. Not sure how she will react when I tell her I have named a lamp post after her.

I do still make the occasional Carriage wheel so the gentle curve of the three main steels was a simple matter of running it through a tyre roller, and the hook on one end and the ring on the other was the product of 30 mins blacksmithing on the forge. Just to make life interesting I forge welded the ring, that is to say joined the steel together just using the heat of the fire which is great fun to do, but like so many things providing you don’t do it all day everyday day. I don’t get to blacksmith very often so its always a joy when I do, and when I am finished I have to boil the kettle on the forge for tea, you will never taste a better cup.

Assuming the powers that be like the prototype we then move to a slightly larger versions complete with a trunk so the whole thing finishes off at over 4mts tall , with  2mt copper leaves, and two LED lanterns. Stay watching to see how I get on.


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