Can I charge more if its art?


Every workshop has too have a few steady clients,  bread and butter products that keep coming, and one of mine involves the manufacture of Professional Makeup Mirrors which are then sold by or available to hire through . In discussion with both customers over the summer as an experiment I made several in different colours, and they were launched on an unsuspecting public last week.

The plan is that there are a number of stock colours, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Pink, and Gold, as well as being available in custom colours and finishes to match your décor, needless to say they immediately then got asked for Leopard Print fabric. As they say in all the best places – watch this space there nothing like a challenge

However one of the very first hire enquiries which turned into an order was from a well known High St Retailer who ordered 15 Black ones to take centre stage in their Christmas Advert, a quantity we hadn’t considered as they only had 2 in stock, so guess who got busy, manufacturing 20 Mirror Frames in a day, and if you pile them up artfully it becomes sculpture, which must make it worth more.

The end result can be seen below. They look good if I say so myself. image

I am rather proud of the gold ones. Years ago I did some work in the makeup counter of a major west end department store, which was divided up  into sections to appeal to different age groups. The area for ladies of a certain age which in their terms was anyone over 25 was very cunningly lit by up lighting onto a gold ceiling which created the most superb soft light which took all the wrinkles off your face. As a customer they grab you, put you in a chair, and slap all kinds of stuff on, and then hold up a mirror. Under that light they could have used emulsion paint and you would still look good. My version of that is a gold surround with high colour temperature LED lamps and its surprising just how much difference it makes, I was going to say even I look good, but that might be stretching it a little too far. But if I was a wedding makeup artist, or a makeup shop I would be seriously looking at one of these in gold



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