I do need a Haircut


The Holiday is over and its back to work with a bang. I have a long standing Theatrical Equipment Hire Co client for whom over the years I have made all manner of items, with one of the most popular which they keep coming back for is Illuminated Theatrical Mirrors for their hire stock. I started with table top traditional illuminated mirrors, they then ordered  full length ones, then super wide ones, all of which they  hire out to fashion shows, film shoots, TV shows, and to my delight keep popping up in adverts.

Their most recent order which I can see myself making in quantity is a double mirror, a full length mirror on the front, a makeup mirror with table on the back. The idea being you can sit down do your makeup at the back and then move round to the front when dressed to see the full glorious effect, which with high colour temperature LED lamps, replicates full stage lighting.

Now as anyone who has ever see my videos will know I obviously don’t spend too long in a day in front of a mirror. Whilst I enjoy making these I do find the bending over fixing the mirrors in place to see my debonair image smiling back a little unsettling. They did suggest I should properly road test the mirrors by applying some makeup but my hearing had a momentary failure at that point. I much preferred the fairground mirrors I made a few months ago, at least then I could blame it on the mirror.

If you want to hire one they are hire@trafalgarlighting.co.uk or if your interested in buying one its info@heritagecraft.co.uk


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