The Worlds Most Comfortable Garden Bench

image I have been on holiday for the last week, we didn’t go anywhere but I didn’t go to work, so it counts as a holiday and its given me a chance to catch up with some jobs, and in between take it easy watching the grass grow. Once again I am struck by how uncomfortable Garden Chairs really are, their not comfortable and their not relaxing, which as I see it rather defeats the object. I find they don’t really fit my body shape, but then my dearly beloved who is shorter than me also complains about the lack of comfort, so time to do something about it.

Luckily the weather has been miserable so perfect for the odd hour or two in my workshop, and the end result as you can see from the picture above is a two seater rocking garden bench. I cant claim its an original idea, having said that I have never seen one and as usual there wasn’t a design. However what I did have was my dearly beloveds leg measurements, because its always the seat height and depth that gets her, whereas I always find seats too short in the back, so what we now have is a seat that fits us, wide enough for two, at the right height and with a high back, made from western Red cedar and finished with Danish Oil which gave a lovely finish. The Armrests have been made over size to support a cup of tea, forgetting of course your rocking.

Having now made it, all those in sit in it want one, but everyone wants an adjustment or an extra, all I wanted was a comfortable seat in which I can enjoy a cup of tea in the garden. But its got me thinking, now I just need a few days off and some dome nuts.



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