There getting bigger!


One of my regular customers is a theatrical equipment hire company based in North London.

For some time now I have been making Location Mirrors for them. The first order was for some Table Top Dressing room mirrors, closely followed by a larger version, both of which I understand have been very popular and are frequently seen in advert’s, magazines, and Television.

Last summer these were augmented with a full length version, mounted on a steel frame with rubber castors, to make them “roadworthy”, and they have now taken it a step further by ordering Monster Mirrors which were delivered today. At 1.2mts wide these are enormous, a real statement piece. Yet as delivered them the reaction was “their great, can you go bigger?”. The answer is of course but before I get the order these have to be popular for hire first, so keep an old man in work, go hire these and then I get more orders

Now there out the way I can get on with the workshop central heating boiler, after a few sleepless nights the design is finished, I just need to build it.

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