Time is under rated

There is an old saying “that if you won’t something done then ask a busy man”. Well I think I qualify for the description of being a busy man, more so than usual recently and as a consequence the fun of getting to make things just for the hell of it disappears. Which is when the four day Easter break saves the day. Work stops, and for four days, family willing,I have the time to play.

In preperation earlier in the week I started curing some bacon, which as soon as the holiday started went into the food smoker to be cold smoked along with some cheddar and double Gloucester cheese. However the big excitement is home made mozerella. At Christmas I was given some cheese making equipment and a book, and I have been champing at the bit for enough time to try it, and finally the day has come.image


A good starter which gives almost instant results (well about an hour) is mozzarella, involves a few basic ingredients and the ability to measure. As you can see from the picture it’s one of those things you learn how to do in 20 minutes and the rest of your life is spent perfecting it. But for a first attempt I am really pleased.

When you then use that mozzarella on a pizza with home made dough, home made passatta from home grown tomatoes, home smoked bacon, and cheese, cooked in a wood fired oven. It all sounds a little hippy but by god it was good, and there are still two more days free so who knows what else we can come up with.


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